A Pink Addition to the Family…

March 6, 2012

Our Little Blissa Elephant has a little one of her own now. Introducing Dumbo…


Glenda used the same pattern, but different yarn and smaller needles to get this petite version of Blissa.

Yarn: Debbie Bliss Paloma (2 skeins pink, 1 skein gray)
Fiber Comp: 60% Baby alpaca, 40% Merino wool
Knit Gauge: 12 sts = 4 in, US 15

What a fun adaptation of the bigger Blissa! Good work, Glenda!

Dumbo is sitting on a crocheted rug that Mary Carol made with the giant Big Stitch Alpaca Bump and an S crochet hook! It’s a quick crochet and makes a wonderful floor mat.

Yarn: Big Stitch Alpaca Bump
Fiber Comp: 70% Alpaca, 15% Nylon, 15% merino wool
Knit Gauge: 1st = 1 in, US 50
Crochet Gauge: 3st = 4 “, US U

An adorable pair…




Who’s cuter?


Welcome Cascade’s Sierra

February 25, 2012

We’re adding another blend to our selection of Cascade–Cascade’s Sierra! Perfect for the upcoming warmer weather, Sierra is a blend of 80% Pima Cotton and 20% Wool. Soft, with the breathe-ability and durability of cotton, we can’t wait to use this yarn for some fun summer knits.

Fun Facts:

100 gr = 3.5 oz = 1 skein
191 yards
Recommended Needle Size US 7, 5 sts = 1″
Hand or machine wash gentle cold, tumble dry cool

Here are the colors we have now:

–Photos courtesy of http://www.cascadeyarns.com–

THREE New Berroco Yarns!

February 16, 2012

It’s always a good day when we get a new item in the store–and today we’ve got 3! So here’s to an extra, extra good Thursday!

Our latest additions are light-weight, colorful, and great for Spring and Summer months. In addition to the yarn, we have the corresponding Berroco booklets, full of great pattern suggestions for making the most out of your yarn.

1) Berroco’s CAPTIVA ($7.00/skein)

This cotton blend is light, soft, and, with a subtle hint of shimmer to it, perfect for perking up any basic knit. It’s also machine washable — yes! The Berroco Captiva Pattern Booklet ($9.95) has cardigans, tees, and cute tanks.

Here’s all the colors we currently have in-stock:


–Photos courtesy of http://www.Berroco.com–

Fun Facts:

“4” medium weight, 18sts = 4in, 16sc = 4in, 98 yds/skein, machine washable, lay flat to dry

Recommended needle: US 8
Recommended hook: US 8-H

60% Cotton
23% Polyester
17% Acrylic

2) Berroco’s LAGO ($9.00/skein)

Lago’s almost rustic sort of spin offers a great deal of texture to any knitted or crocheted project. The Berroco Lago Pattern Booklet ($9.95) features eight bright, beautiful, and youthful patterns great for sunny days and summer nights. Additionally, this yarn would be great for cute accessories; totes, headbands, etc.

Here are the colors we have:


–Photos courtesy of http://www.Berroco.com–

Fun Facts:

“4” medium weight, 20sts = 4in, 18sc = 4in, 103 yds/skein, machine washable, lay flat to dry

Recommended needle: US 7
Recommended hook: US G-7

81% Viscose
19% Linen

3) Berroco’s RIC RAC ($17.50/skein)

This is very cool; it’s a unique interpretation of ruffle laddering yarn (like the awe-inspiring Flounce) that takes design to a new high with multiple colors and a wavering lace-like pattern. There is a free scarf pattern available on Berroco’s website with illustrated instructions and a photo of the completed piece. Mary Carol is already excitedly knitting a sample for the store–oh… hold on…yep, she just finished! Come check it out!

We have these colors in-stock:


–Photos courtesy of http://www.Berroco.com–

Fun Facts:

11yds/skein, recommended knitting needle size US 2, recommended crochet hook size US 3-D, hand wash in cool water, lay flat to dry

47% Wool
37% Acrylic
16% Nylon

As always, you can order additional colors by calling us here at the store (303.322.2223) or stopping in with the color number you want.


Elephant Kit

February 10, 2012


Oh. My. Goodness…

       This. Elephant. Is. Adorable.

And now, available from the LambShoppe!

The photographed elephant was knit by Anita, who lovingly refers to this little cutie as a “Heffalump.”

We are selling the pattern and supplies as a kit. The kit costs $125 and includes:

  • 1) Blissa Yarn— this baby alpaca, wool, and polymide blend is super soft and oh-so cuddly
  • 2) Pattern– each leg is knit separately in the round, and then picked up as you knit the body bottom-up. It requires very little sewing; only the ears and the button are attached this way.

It does not include buttons for the eyes or the stuffing.

This little guy is available by pre-pay order only.

You can place an order and pay in-store or over the phone–just ask for the “Elephant Kit.”

Call 303.322.2223

Celebrate the Fourth!

July 2, 2011

We’re celebrating too! LambShoppe will be closed on the Fourth of July, so  —

Whether you are picnic-ing…

or waiting for fireworks to start…

or in the mountains camping… or fishing…

Don’t hesitate to KNIT!  You’ll have to plan ahead or shop from your stash tho —

coz LambShoppe will be closed and all the staff will be celebrating our Independence too!

See you Tuesday!

We’ll be here with new classes, new bags, new yarns and new projects!

Summertime…and the knitting is easy!

June 27, 2011

It’s getting hot!

And that’s not such good news for some knitters. After all, wool is warm! Knitting wool in the 90s is downright hot!

Aren’t we lucky to have LambShoppe? It’s not just the colorful yarns, unusual buttons, and friendly folks – it’s the AIR CONDITIONING!!!

Stop in, pull up a chair at one of our tables, and pull out your project. Ahhhh… don’t you love summer?!


February 1, 2011

If you live in Colorado, you might have noticed it is a bit chilly these days. As in BELOW ZERO all. day. long!


Intrepid knitters, however, know how to stay warm ~ with wool, of course!  Here is Gayle, a few days ago, modeling her newly knit scarf of Lamb’s Pride Burly Spun from LambShoppe.

What are you knitting to keep warm?  Feel free to reply or to let us know at info@thelambshoppe.com…


A New Generation~

October 15, 2010

I learned to knit when I was 51 years old. Mary Carol, Anita and Glenda all learned when they were about 8 years old. Both Mai Wyn and Lizz learned in their mid-20s.  Mary Carol’s granddaughter learned when she was 3 years old! (Okay, it was just one stitch and it was the day before her 4th birthday – but she and her grandmother can both brag she learned that early!)

What Mary Carol started with that granddaughter she is continuing at 3 Denver Public Schools and LambShoppe – she is creating a whole new generation of knitters!

Once each week, she packs a bag of yarn and needles and travels to Carson Elementary, Steck Elementary and Bromwell Elementary schools.  There she meets with children ages 6 – 10 to teach them the ways of knitters.  They make scarves, of course, but also fingerless gloves, headbands, and hats.  They learn how a lot of small stitches add up to something beautiful. They learn how to make mistakes and fix mistakes.  And they have tons of fun!

If your child isn’t lucky enough to attend one of these schools, call LambShoppe and see when the next Kids’ Learner’s Permit to Knit is scheduled ~ and join the fun!

What to knit? What to knit?…and where to knit it.

September 18, 2010

Are you a monogamous knitter? Do you start a project and work on it – and only on it – until it is finished?

If so, HOW do you do it???!!

If you are working on something complicated, where you need to follow a chart,

how do you knit this during TV time?  If you are working on something simple and relatively mindless,

how do you keep from going insane during a truly boring meeting?

Confession:  I have to have several projects on the needles at all times.

Something challenging…

for those times when I want to be consumed by the project, totally focused and creative.

Something entertaining….

for those boring meetings or waiting at the DMV.

And of course, something totally mindless… for Pajama Jam!

Tonight! at LambShoppe! from 6-midnight!

Come prepared for FUN!!!

Trunk show – new yarns – you know you wanna peek!

September 14, 2010

Yep. New samples from Tahki Stacy-Charles are hangin’ at LambShoppe!

That’s Mai Wyn modeling her fave.

(Both samples and Mai Wyn look better in person. Photographer incompetence!)

Doesn’t this just look like long walks thru crunchy leaves?

Of course,

we still have some warm weather

to enjoy…

Come on in, check out the samples, and fondle the yarn!